On The Go During The California Wildfires



Most of you are already aware that the California wildfires have impacted myself and many of my neighbors. While the fires may capture the headlines, I think the real story has been the lifelong bonds created by people dealing with the same crisis.

There were such limited amenities in the hardest hit areas, so everyone had to rely on strangers, neighbors and volunteers instead of servicemen to help. It was a difficult experience made easier by seeing how community really does make all the difference. Even if it is one formed out of fire.

I started rolling my camera right before we were evacuated. I had no idea what I would do with the footage I was shooting, but I felt compelled to document it. So I started filming from the first flame, to hiking the mountain to check on my home, and finally to what was left of an area that I have lived in and loved in my latest.

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